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People bemoan the lack of “Open-World PvP”, but I never get a straight answer when I ask, “What is it?”  About the closest I get is some nostalgic talk about the Tarren Mill/Southshore battles that used to take place in WoW.  Apparently, these were fun.  Since most of the times I had the opportunity to see this “epic fun battle” I was leveling a toon through the zone and was easy fodder for pretty much everyone with  a red name over their head, I humbly disagree.  At best, my quest-givers were all dead when I hit town and I had to wait around for them to respawn, at worst, I’d find myself flagged somehow and ended up sitting in a graveyard for a the rest of the evening.

In short, my experience with Open-World PvP was not exactly positive.  I’m pretty sure when folks say, “I want Open-World PvP,” what they really mean is, “I want to roll around ganking lowbies until someone logs onto their main and gives me someone to fight.”  This is essentially griefing, and I realize that if there is no other way to get PvP, this might be all you have.  But, if you have other avenues, is this really necessary?  SWTOR launched with 3 and is soon to have 5 Warzones.  What’s the problem?  You can get a fight just about any time you want, server balance issues aside.  I know Ilum was a bust, but you can go their now and hunt people who are going after armaments.  You can go to Outlaw’s Den and go after people hunting chests.  There may not be a lot of people there, but there won’t be any until the PvP folks start going there… Is it that folks are afraid of a free fight?

So, am I wrong?  It could be I’m missing the point, but I think there are plenty of PvP options, other than you don’t get to grief lowbies.  I consider that a good thing.  Do you define Open-World PvP differently?

For my part, if you want a PvP fix, go get some in Mount&Blade.


I love it when someone else does the heavy lifting…

Posted: 2012/03/14 by Rabbi Shekky in Endgame, PvP
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If you, like me, can’t answer the question, “How do I get PvP gear?” then this is for you.  Well, it’s actually for me, but I’m willing to share.  Anyhow, this is on Dulfy’s Healing Corner, and s/he’s got lots of good stuff for you to read.


For my part, I keep trying but haven’t really gotten the bug for PvP in this game yet.  Maybe it’s because I have done like 20 warzones and so far have won zero games.