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A while back, I mentioned that I was going to level a toon using only PvP, Space Missions and the Class Quests.  My Scoundrel, She’Quii, just hit 39 last night, so I thought I’d put up a long-overdue status update.

Leveling via PvP is quite easy and fun.  Since the server merge, my queue times in the 10-49 class are pretty short.  I mean, “You won’t be able to complete a Space Mission,” short.  If you do this, be sure to grab the daily quest from the Combat training area.   My advise with the quest reward for this is to get the gear for one tier above you.  That way you’ll have a nice set off lock-boxes to open when you hit 20, 30, 40, etc. If you get it for your current band, you’re unlikely to get an upgrade.

I’ve been happy with my PvP experience.  Sure, when I was level 10, I didn’t have all the tools I have now, but that didn’t bother me too much.  You level up quick at those levels, and you can really feel the progression.  Yes, you’ll get owned by the level 49 Sorcerer, but he’ll soon level out of the class and be getting owned by the 50’s in War Hero gear, so let him have his moment.  Or, better yet, drop out of stealth and kick him in the nads when he tries to cross the fire trap.

Space Combat has been sort of hit-or-miss.  There are a lot of missions, but you quickly level up to the point where they no longer award XP.  As a result, there’s only a few missions in your level band that will level you.  I have to say that Space Combat is not a viable levelling option, but is quite fun and makes a good way to take a break.

I’ve added Flashpoints to my leveling strategy, since we now have a LFG tool.  Queues are long on The Shadowlands for leveling DPS, but I can usually get a group in each session.  Just sign up and go about your business. With the exception of one tank who had absolutely no idea how to tank, the groups have been pretty good, low drama, and professional.  I’m a little disappointed that the LFG group will drop you outside the instance at the end, since you need to interact with the FP’s quest-giver.  Sadly, if you’re deep in a quest area somewhere in the galaxy, that brings a bit of pain, since you’ll need to invest quite a bit of time getting back to wherever you were.  I wish it would bounce you back to your starting point like PvP does.

My other disappointment was the Legacy Perks.  I thought these would be pretty nifty, in that I could grab perks to accellerate my leveling via the parts of the game I am playing.  Quite frankly, I think they’re too expensive, too little, and too late.  Essentially, I could get my guy set up the way I wanted, but it’s just money down the drain.  Space Missions don’t give enough XP to bother boosting, and for everything else, it’s a wasted investment once I hit 50.  The only way I can see this being worth-while is if you really wanted to bring up a new toon as fast as possible, like if your guild suddenly has an open healer slot.  But still, I think you’d be getting only ~30% more XP for whatever you’re doing.  I decided to pass on this.

Gear hasn’t been too bad, although gear for my companions has been suffering.  Normally, I count on commendations from the planet I’m questing on to update my orange gear and drops/quest rewards for everything else.  Not doing the planetary story means you don’t get as many of either.  Flashpoints help out a lot, here, so I think you really have to add that to the strategy if you want to level this way.  Thank the Maker for the LFG.

Lord Magras

He has to be in Black and White, because the Funk in living color would blow your mind!

Lord Magras

One more thing on gear, the PvP tokens you’ve been collecting can buy you a full kit at 20 and 40, however there’s no level 30 stuff for sale.  This can result in a bit of a gap in your gear.  I eventually decided to do the story arc on Quesh, because it’s short.  Also because the final battle has a confrontation with a Sith version of a Parliament/Funkadelic member.

Money has had it’s ups and downs.  I’ve been powering through Armstech, Scavenging and Investigation.  Not spending much time planetside means I need to actually send party members out for scavenged mats, so it has been a money sink.  I did have to send the toon a little money a couple of times, but I’m well in the black now.  The secret?  Baraduim Flux.  This is bought from the PvP vendor for 1000 WZ commendations, which you probably won’t need, and sells for 45-65K.  Tell ’em Shekky sent ya.

That’s it for now.  See you with a name over your head.


With 1.3 coming down the pike, and the servers humming with new life, I thought it would be fun to start a new toon.  After seconds of soul-searching, I settled on rolling another smuggler.  I have a smuggler, Shekky, but I created that gunslinger to run with my funny little hunny, and since she hasn’t been playing much, the character is pretty idle.  So, She’Quii, the son of Sh’Eckee and Elara was born.

The problem is that I’m pretty tired of the planetary storylines.  So, after finishing Ord Mantell and Coruscant, I have limited myself to levelling in Warzones, Space Missions and Class Quests.  If I ever get the uninterrupted time, I’ll also do some flashpoints.  To keep things fresh, this guy’s a Scoundrel, and uses the Scrapper tree.

So far, it’s going surprisingly well.  You don’t level quite as quickly as you would if you maddogged quests, but I hate Taris and was very pleased to fast-forward past the place.  Space Missions are always fun, and I’m finding PvP as a Scrapper is a hoot.

The scrapper in general is an entirely different animal from the Gunslinger.  It’s an entirely different style of play.  Whereas a Gunny will want to get in cover and plink away at folks, a Scrapper wants to get a backshot and then throw away the gun and punch his victim to death.  It’s actually quite amusing, and in PvP it catches people by surprise.

Oh, the other good thing about this levelling strategy is that you _never_ run out of rested XP.  I’m not sure, however, how gear will work out.  There are defined bands of PVP gear and the lockboxes are pretty useless.  Usually I get Strength or Willpower gear, so they are not a viable strategy for gear.  I think I might have to rely on Flashpoint drops, which is fine by me.  Once 1.3 hits, the LFG tool should make getting groups easy.  The XP boosts for different game modes will be interesting, too.

Anyhow, I’ll post an update as I see how well this works.