About Shekky Thermopylae

Shekky is not one person, but rather a bunch of characters I’m running in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I’m not exactly sure when or where I decided to name all my toons the same thing, but that’s how it’s working out.  Shekky, by the way, is a name I commonly use in whatever role-playing game I get involved in.  He’s usually a stand-up comedian, and over his career he’s been an Ork, a Vampire, a Werewolf, a Dwarf Hunter, and heaven knows what else.

So far in this game, I’ve got:

Server: Krayt Dragon

  • Shek’Kee – Jedi Guardian, Tank
  • Sh’eckee – Commando, Healer
  • Shekky – Smuggler, probably gonna be a gunslinger…

Server: Talos Restoration Project

  • Sh’Quii – Sith Warrior, Tank

I’ll mainly be jotting down whatever comes to mind.  I don’t get bored at work very often, though, so posts might be infrequent.


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