A couple of thoughts on the LFG Tool

Posted: 2012/05/16 by Nick in Ranting

I’m looking forward to an LFG tool, and hope it gets expanded to included cross-server, ops, heroic areas, and anything else.  Wouldn’t it be nice to log on one evening, and say, “You know, I wouldn’t mind killing Nightmare Pilgrim tonight.”  Queue up, go run some dailies or something, and boom, off to Voss.  World bosses are probably not going to be queue-able, but you get the idea.  Remove as many barriers between players and content as possible.

I’m also not a big fan of the shards system.  I play DCUO a bit, and it’s all one server.  Sure, it doesn’t have anywhere near the numbers we’re talking about, but the point is that even if players there are technically on different servers, they can still interact with other players in chat and the group finder tools there are pretty seamless.

That said, whatever BW does, it won’t overcome the negativity of the community.  If it’s perfect, it will be “too late”.  If it lacks something, “It’s garbage”.  If there’s no cross-server, “I don’t use it, queues take too long.”  If it includes cross-server, “Oh, I don’t use LFG, everyone there’s an a$$hat.”  If it farts rainbows and teleports jellybeans onto your desk wherever you are in the world, “The content’s to hard/easy/limited/etc.”

There’s just no pleasing gamers.


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