Guys, seriously, calm down.

Posted: 2012/03/13 by Rabbi Shekky in Uncategorized
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Yes, the new Legacy system features might allow your Smuggler to use Force Choke.  Get over it.

  1. You can only use it during the activation of Heroic Moment.
  2. This ability has a 20 minute cooldown.
  3. This ability requires that your companion be active.
  4. This means you have to be solo or in a 2-man party to use this.
  5. Seriously, when was the last time you used your Heroic Moment?  I think it’s been about a month for me.
  6. In the meantime, you’ll need to put the Force Choke/Orbital Bombardment/Whatever on your action bar.
  7. You have four action bars with 12 slots each.
  8. Your action bars are probably over-full anyways.

So, to break this down, I’d have to clog up my already precious action bar slots with skills that are completely dead until I run into a situation bad enough to warrant remembering where the hell on my action bars Heroic Moment is (It’s like, on one of the side bars and I’d probably be dead by the time I find it), at which time I can use an ability that originates from another class and probably does the same amount of damage per Global Cooldown as one of my own abilities that are already integrated into my rotation, easily accessible, and for which I’m geared to support (Tech and Cunning probably won’t apply a lot of bonuses to a Force power).

Guys, this is RP fluff.  It will be fun for some players, but for everyone else, this will never even be noticed because you’ll never use it and you’ll probably never see anyone else use it.


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