Life at level 50

Posted: 2012/02/08 by Rabbi Shekky in Endgame, Jedi Knight

So, I hit the level cap and have begun the long process of figuring out the endgame.  I don’t have anything real good to go on, so I’m kinda making it up as I go along.  There are, of course, several write-ups from the various large blogs.  I’ll see if I can find some of the links and reference them when I post this.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve managed to figure out.

There are three level 50 Flashpoints:  The Battle for Illum, The False Emperor, and Kaon Under Siege.  So far, I’ve managed to tank the first two, which were a lot of fun.  I’d say they are definitely doable once you’ve gotten some moderately decent gear, probably whatever you finished leveling in and maybe do a couple of dailies for mods.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit Kaon soon.  Be advised that there’s a non-trivial quest chain involved with Battle and False Emperor, both on Illum, so be sure and go through the quests so you can run these extremely fun instances.

There are two daily zones, Illum and Belsavus.  Both have a quest chain that walks you through the zone (and the one on Illum will open up the aforementioned Flashpoints), and you’ll pick up the dailies as you go.  Both of these chains are an excellent starting point for getting your gear sorted out for level 50 shenanigans.  Between the quest rewards and the daily badges, I think you’ll be ready for the flashpoints.

Daily quests basically give daily commendations, which you wil mainly get armor and hilts/barrels.  The vendors do not supply Enhancements of Mods.  They have some other gear available, implants, earpieces, etc., but those are very expensive, so I’ve focused on upgrading the gear I have.

Finally, there are daily Heroic quests in these zones that you should really give priority.  This is where you get your Mods and Enhancements, and since there’s no other way to get them, you’ll want to hit them every day.  One of them also gives you companion weapons, so you’ll definitely want to go through it at least 5 times.

My understanding is that you need to gear up a bit for the hard mode dungeons, so I haven’t given them a tumble yet.  I have heard mixed reviews on how hard the raids are.  I’ve heard that they are so easy that you can jump right in and solo them at level 20, and that you really need to grind hard modes to be ready for them.  Freakin’ gamers.  Hopefully, I’ll get some better data on this soon.

I’m also told that PvP is a big part of gearing up in that you can get gear good enough to start raiding via warzones and Illum.  I don’t know how true this is.  I can tell you that as a fresh 50 on the Republic side, the PvP experience is not fun.


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